SGS & Maintenance Services also provides routine maintenance services to all our clients.  We have a team of highly skilled and certified maintenance tradesmen who provide some of the following service:

  • Painting of entire complex or touch up of specific areas, repainting of gates/carports with enamel paint, etc
  • Building alterations and repair to building structure
  • Laying of new paving & repair of old paving
  • Water & damp proofing
  • Repairs to light fittings/day night switches and replacement of globes (energy saver globes recommended)
  • Electric fence installations/repairs
  • Boundary tree felling/foliage removal
  • Welding
  • Gutter installations/repairs
  • PEST Control - (Rodent/insect maintenance plan)
  • General maintenance & handyman services
  • Inspection of complex with detailed report (evaluating from hygiene to structural problems on property). Report compiled to Body corporate upon which quotes will be issued for services we can assist with.




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