Maintenance Services
104 Country Lodge, Gibson Drive West, Buccleuch, 2090
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SGS & Maintenance Services has been established in 2009 and provides garden services to Complexes, Estates, Corporate Office Parks and private homes on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  If you are a Body Corporate Member / Managing agent of a Property/Office park or a private individual and are looking at getting the best rates for Garden Services with a Guaranteed Service Satisfaction.

Our regular garden maintenance services includes:
• Mowing of lawn and trimming of edges
• Weeding and turning of flower beds
• Raking and sweeping of necessary areas
• Removal of refuse related to the service
• Dead heading all flowers and lopping dead leaves
• Trimming and cutting of hedges and shrubs  

Our seasonal garden maintenance includes:
• Selected planting of plants
• Pruning of roses and fruit trees

Our optional garden maintenance includes:

• Instant Lawn & Irrigation
• Installation of treated hedging & stepping stones
• Planting winter and summer colour seedlings
• Lawn fertiliser and lawn dressing
• Plant fertiliser and compost
• Pest treatment & Weed control

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Business Philosophy

The philosophy of the business is centred upon satisfying the needs of the diverse clients that the business deals with on a day to day basis. By offering high quality service at affordable prices, the business is sure to enhance its brand, get new clients through referrals while retaining its existing customer base. Regular communication and updates during the execution of tasks especially with big projects plays a great role. This has been proven useful especially as it makes the client feel part and parcel of the project. All hiccups during the project should be communicated with the client.

Core Values

The following are the business’s core-values

  • Unity of purpose – It is a requirement at SGS that though services might be diverse in terms of target clients, there should be unity of purpose in business activities. In essence there should be a shared vision amongst shareholders, management and employees. This should also foster teamwork among those that operate within the same divisions.
  • Customer satisfaction – All the activities of the business should be centred upon customer satisfaction. This is derived from the notion that high levels of customer satisfaction will increase the number of referrals and repeat business. This would in the medium to long term reduce the costs of marketing.
  • Quality – Quality is closely related to customer satisfaction. The higher the quality of garden or maintenance service, the greater the satisfaction of the customer which ultimately results in more referrals and repeat business. High quality service is critical in the building and enhancement of a strong brand.

Affordability – The business always seeks to make sure that its service is affordable to its clients. This is critical in an environment where competition is becoming very intense and survival is turning out to be a very difficult prospect to many organizations.


The vision of the business has always been to “use diversification as a tool to position SGS as one of the leading entities in South Africa”.


To mission of the business is to “make sure that all its divisions prioritise customer satisfaction as way of obtaining new business and retaining existing clients”. The business will keep bringing in new ideas and activities to its scope so as to enhance and maintain its relevance to all stakeholders though the customer remains “THE KING” in all the business’s endeavours.

Management and Equity Status

SGS is a 100% Black owned company. The organization also works within the confines of the government’s BEE policy which emphasises the empowerment of previously disadvantaged members of the society. Emphasis though is given to black youth from the townships where unemployment is very high.  Women empowerment also constitutes an important part of the organization’s day to day running. SGS is managed by the owner who is responsible for the day to day running of the business. With such a setting, important decisions are made without much time being taken in consultation.

Capacity and Capability

Most of the services that SGS offers do not require specialist skill. Tasks of building maintenance, cleaning and pool maintenance require individuals that are semi-skilled in nature. However, where necessary the business employs specialised skills such as in landscaping and irrigation commissioning. It there implies that for all forms of tasks, the business has the necessary personnel. With a total of more than 130 employees, SGS has the capacity to execute any type of job to the satisfaction of any type of client. SGS and its team are committed to clean and liveable residential environments. The business and its employees are also committed to offering good working environments through its world class cleaning and landscaping service.    

Where necessary, the business also subcontracts services. Sub-contracting is usually done where there exists already a good relationship between SGS and the potential subcontractor. Performance measures and monitoring mechanisms are always in place to make sure that the service offered satisfy the high standards that SGS has set for itself.  Where there is need for training, the business trains its workforce for better performance and empowerment in general.