How to choose between LM and Kikuyu grass for your instant lawn

There are various types of grass that can be chosen to get the instant lawn you want. The two most popular types are LM and Kikuyu, this grass is usually chosen for its ability to grow in the specific environment that it is planted in.

It is important to choose the correct type of grass for your instant lawn, the factors to consider when choosing between these two types are as follows:

  • LM Grass Instant Lawn:


  • LM Grass is the grass type that suits the position with lots of shade and/or sun the best. This type of grass does not grow back as much as Kikuyu does when it gets damaged or receives a lot of movement. This is a very popular type of grass to plant where there are trees and little to no movement on the grass, such as the front lawn for decoration or the back lawn for aesthetic purposes and to have a beautiful green lawn. This LM grass type does not deal well with ice or cold and needs a warm environment to survive at its best, this means that this grass type survives at its best in the summer.


  • Kikuyu Grass Instant Lawn:


  • Kikuyu Grass is the grass type that suits the position with lots sun the best, this type of grass is very durable and grows back fast should it get damaged or receive a lot of movement. This is the most popular type of grass to plant, the best place to plant this type of grass is where there is a lot of movement such a lawn where children plays or where the pets run around in the yard because if it gets damaged it grows back quickly and recovers itself very good. This Kikuyu grass type can handle cold weather and winter as well as summer and heat, and it is therefore more durable than the LM Grass when it comes to season changes because this grass will survive all year through all the different season changes.


It is very important to consider all the factors mentioned above when deciding between your specific type of grass for your instant lawn. These factors can be the deciding factor for where and what purpose you want to plant the grass and there are professional people and companies that can help you decide what grass will suit your lawn the best and that will provide specialised installation services of the instant lawn.


We at Sandton Gardening Services and Maintenance Services have a great team of professional gardeners and we are here to help you, contact us for a quotation on grass installations for instant lawns and for more information on the LM and Kikuyu grass types.