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Swimming pools are among the most popular features of a home. In fact, many homeowners specifically look for them when making a home buying decision. Even if your home does not have a pool when you first move in, you may want to add one at a later stage.

Adding a swimming pool will make a huge difference to the value of your property. It is estimated that a swimming pool can increase the value of your home by up to 15%.Constructing or installing a pool may seem overwhelming with so many options and decisions. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Services we offer:

Costing is dependent on type of pool size and if it’s a normal chlorine pool or salt chlorinated.

We also do resurfacing of pools with either Marbleite of various colour options or fiberglass options. We also do replacing of pool mosaic and tiles inside the pool and paving and coping around the pool of either brick or flagstone pavers.

Below are a few pool options we offer

Above-Ground Pools
Because these pools are installed rather than built they are more economical than in-ground pools. The most basic above-ground pools, requiring no filtration equipment will cost as little as a few hundred Rand to R20 000. Larger, more elaborate above-ground pools with filtration equipment will cost anything between R35 000 to R45 000, excluding extras like decking, landscaping and accessories.

In-Ground Pools
Design and construction costs generally make in-ground pools more expensive to build. In-ground pools with minimal paving start at around R25 000. More elaborate designs will cost anything between R40 000 to R100 000. The choice of pool design, building materials, patio materials, landscaping, lighting and extra features such as fountains are all cost factors to consider when constructing a pool.

Styles of swimming pools
Before installing a swimming pool it is important to establish the main objective for having a pool. Do you just want to cool off on a hot summer’s day or will you be using your swimming pool to swim laps every morning?

Play Pool: A play pool is typically no deeper than 1.5 meters. Play pools are generally built for cooling off and relaxing in.

Freeform Pool: A freeform pool is a lagoon style or natural looking pool. It usually has a rock feature and is built to mimic an oasis.

Geometric Pool: Geometric pools usually have straight lines or a consistent radius and are typically more traditional looking. A geometric pool can be more formal and upscale looking.

Lap Pool: Lap pools are typically narrow and long to facilitate exercise and swimming for health and fitness.

Infinity Edge Pool: Infinity edge pools are designed to look like the pool extends all the way out to the horizon.

Perimeter Overflow Pool: This would be a pool where the water level in the pool is the same as the top of the decking around the pool. Around the pool perimeter is a channel that the water drains into creating a visual masterpiece.

Spool: The word spool is a combination of spa and pool. Spools are typically just oversized spas.

Beach Style Pools: These are currently a hot trend. Installing one of these is undoubtedly the closest thing to having that holiday feeling right in your own back yard. Enjoy your own piece of paradise complete with your own beach, sand dunes and palm trees.

Types of Swimming Pools

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