How to water my garden in a more convenient way?

It can take a lot of time from your day to ensure your garden is watered and this can be an especially big task when you have a big garden. Watering your garden can also be a problem if you go away on holiday and you still need your plants to get their nutrition and you are not physically there to water your garden.

What is the solution?

The answer is simple; Irrigation systems, this might sound like an expensive or difficult route to follow but there are specialised persons that will do this on your behalf in a budget friendly way.

These garden specialists know exactly where to put the irrigation systems to ensure that the important parts of the garden get covered. Irrigation systems are super convenient as it is one level you switch to water your entire garden at once, these systems can even be automated to go on and off at a specific day and time, so you do not even have to be at the house to ensure your garden gets taken care of.

Irrigation systems are water sprayers that gets installed in your garden in a way that the aesthetics of the garden is not ruined. These systems can stretch over a wide range and distance, and it is therefore possible for these professional gardeners to install them wherever needed.

Benefits of Irrigation systems:

There are a lot of benefits such as mentioned above, here are a few of them:

  • Watering your garden consistently, reliably, and precisely
  • Conserving water by directing the water where it is most needed at the correct time of day or night
  • Improving the health and look of your garden to ensure it is preserved as you intended


Contact our professional team at Sandton Gardening Maintenance Services to get your irrigation system installed today, and you can also contact us for any information or questions you might have regarding our irrigation installation services, we are happy to provide a quotation to ensure your requirements are met.

What range of Irrigation services do we provide?

  • New Installation of irrigation systems
  • Manual or automated systems available
  • Irrigation repairs and upgrades
  • Upgrades and repairs of boreholes, rainwater, and catchment systems