Installing a deck: Everything you need to know

When it comes to decks there are a lot of advantages over installing a patio and the first one will definitely be the aesthetic value that a deck brings to your house.

Decks are beautiful extensions to a house or room that will usually be exterior and bring a great sense of atmosphere and character to your house.

What is a deck?

A deck is a raised platform that is used as an extension to your house or room and is typically used as an outside seating or gathering area. Decks will usually have stairs which will then lead you to the ground area of your property.

Why choose a deck over a concrete patio?

This is entirely up to you and what your aesthetic and construction preferences are, however, it should be known that a deck takes up far less construction time and products and can be a great addition to your property. Decks bring another type of character to your house that most concrete patios do not bring, one of these characters are certainly the home-vibe that these decks bring, and concrete patios can be more formal in most cases, therefore, these decks are widely chosen over concrete patios.

Another big advantage of installing a deck over a concrete patio is definitely the fact that decks can be installed on uneven grounds because it can be built up using pillars or poles to make the deck even, whereas concrete patios are extremely difficult to install on uneven grounds and the base should first be made to be even before the patio can be installed.

We use Composite Decking at Sandton Gardening Services, and these decks are extremely durable and require no maintenance as supposed to original wooden decks, these decks are made from extremely durable materials and resemble the natural look and feel of real wooden decks without the maintenance and difficulties that wooden decks can have.

It is clear that these advantages of a deck can persuade a lot of individuals to choose a deck over a patio.

What is the best way to install a deck?

Decks need to be installed extremely precise and there are some people with the time and expertise to install these decks by themselves, however, it is highly recommended that experts install your deck to ensure that the final product has the quality and standards that you desire.

Our team at Sandton Gardening Services have years of experience in the installation, repair and supply of decks and deck materials. Contact us today for a quote to get your deck installed in a professional and budget conscious manner, we are here to help you.