Summer rain affecting my swimming pool; How to fix it?

In South Africa summer is the time for rain, this can also mean a time for nuisance for some people when it comes their swimming pool. It is not uncommon for swimming pool owners to feel overwhelmed when all the options that you can buy in store does not help to bring your swimming pool back to its old self, and you don’t have any options left.

This is exactly where we come in, Sandton Gardening Services specialise in pool services, these services range from as small as general cleaning of your pool on a weekly basis to pool repairs and leak detection.

Our expert team have years of knowledge and the necessary expertise to assist you to get your pool back to its clear blue self, whether the damage is foggy water, burst pipes, a leak in the pool, and we even maintain the pump and motor of your pool for you. No need to stress about pool maintenance ever again.

If these storms and general upkeeping of your pool is making you second guess having your pool, simply because you do not have the time or specialised expertise to fix the pool, we are here to make your life much easier.

Our weekly service of pool maintenance and pool cleaning will take the job out of your hands and ensure the job is in the hands of swimming pool professionals. Contact us for a quotation or more information on our pool maintenance services to make you feel the pleasure in having a swimming pool instead of wasting all your precious family time on trying to maintain the pool.

In addition to the pool cleaning and maintenance services that we provide we provide a range of other valuable swimming pool services including the sale of swimming pool equipment. Make sure to visit our website to find the perfect service to meet the needs that you have for your swimming pool, we are here to help you.