Why should you trim your trees and plants?


What does it mean to trim a plant or a tree?

Trimming is also known as pruning of plants and trees, and it refers to the removal of any rotten, infected, dead, or dying branches and stubs from trees and/or plants by cutting it off and ensuring the tree and plant is ‘clean’ and free from anything that might impact the growth of the tree or pant.

 Why is it important to trim a plant or tree?

As explained above, trimming removes all the dead and unwanted branches from your trees and plants. Dead branches in trees and plants can lead to various unwanted consequences such as:

  • Trees and plants will not grow in a specific direction or shape, and this can be harmful to your property as the trees can damage walls and roofs when growing at a strange angle
  • Trees and plants do not have any room to grow further which prohibits the tree or plant to reach the actual size that it is supposed to be
  • Pests and other critters are more likely to infest trees and plants that have a lot of dead branches and/or stubs because they use it as their nests, which can be a nuisance to the owner because it

Taking the above into consideration it is noticeable that trimming of plants and trees can help to prevent or lessen the above consequences and it is therefore very important to trim your plants and/or trees.

Can I trim my own plants and trees?

If you have the right tools and enough time on hand, the answer would be yes, however, if you do not have a touch for gardening and don’t have time to trim your own plants or trees the answer is “No”, get someone who specialises in trimming and shaping of plants and trees, landscapers will certainly be able to help get your garden in shape. Landscapers also have a lot of other services they can provide you with to assist with the upkeeping of your garden.

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